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Far Infrared Sauna - One Person

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Relax and rejuvenate your body. TheraSauna harnesses the power of infrared heat to help heal the body. As a result of exposure to infrared heat many ailments - including arthritis, migraine headaches, and acne - have shown improvements in clinical studies.

Health Mate Saunas Review

Health Mate is probably one of the longest manufacturer of sauna rooms in the industry. With more than 27 years in the personal sauna rooms industry, they are serving as the benchmark whenever someone wants to compare the different manufacturers of sauna rooms.

Health Mate was established in 1979. They have been innovating the latest technology to supply quality far infrared home saunas. As many of you are aware, far infrared saunas are ideal for deep relaxation and soothing comfort. The far infrared saunas produced by Health Mate is also good for health and healing too.

Health Mate is the largest far infrared sauna manufacturer in the world by sales volume. They also have facilities in many regions across the world such as in Asia, Europe, Canada and the U.S.A. Each of these facilities carefully handle each stage of the sauna room production. One of their goals is to provide superior customer support for far infrared sauna users.

What is benefits of using far infrared sauna by Health Mate? Infrared ray is the band of light that many of us perceive as heat. The sun for example, produced most of its energy in the infrared segment of the spectrum. Infrared rays heat our body without needing to heat the air in between the infrared source and the body. This process is called conversion.

There are three segments of infrared ray wavelengths – the 0.76 to 1.5 microns; the 1.5 to 5.6 microns and the 5.6 to 1000 microns. The first segment is the near infrared ray, the second segment is the medium infrared ray and the last segment is the far infrared ray. Only the far infrared ray is able to penetrate the human body, creating a uniform warming effect.

How does using the Health Mate infrared sauna benefit its user? Health Mate sauna uses exclusive M-type far infrared heaters that radiates far infrared ray to effectively warm your body. As the far infrared rays penetrates our body up to 40mm, there is a deep heating effect in the muscle tissues without creating too much burden on the heart.

The increased heating from the infrared ray induced our body to sweat and perspires. In the perspiration process, toxins are excreted from our body. The skins will also shed old skin cells. This is why there are testimonials of far infrared sauna user who had claimed that using the sauna had benefited their skins. The skins become clean improving its tone, elasticity and texture.

The deep penetrating heat from using the Health Mate far infrared sauna also stimulates the heart to send more blood to body cells. As blood circulation improves, many other bodily functions improve too. This is the reason why Japanese and Chinese researchers in particular, had research and reported on many supporting testimonials.

As our body cools down, our heart beats harder and faster, thus achieving a condition similar to continuous exercise. Using the Health Mate far infrared saunas will help you shed extra weight too. A moderately conditioned person can easily sweat off up to 1000 grams of sweat in one sauna session. This is equivalent to running 10 to 15 km. While the weight loss may be regained when you drink water, the burnt calories remain as burnt.

Using the Health Mate far infrared sauna is completely safe. Many health professionals are already using infrared lams to treat muscle and joint problems. Incubators in hospital baby care units are also usually equipped with infrared heating systems to keep baby warm.

The Health Mate far infrared sauna is different compared to conventional saunas. A far infrared sauna warms your body directly, whereas when using a conventional sauna, it is the air that is warming your body. As the air is not warmed, using the Health Mate far infrared sauna can be more enjoyable and comfortable compared to using a conventional sauna.

The followings are a comparison between using a conventional or traditional sauna vs. Health Mate far infrared sauna.

Warm Up Time15 to 20 minsMore than 1 hr
Temperature43 to 66 deg. Celcius93 to 104 deg. Celcius
Air VentilationSteamless & FreshHigh humidity, very hot
Assembly Time30 mins1 to 2 days
Electrical CostLowHigh
Interior EntertainmentPossibleNot Possible
Room RequirementCompactBig Space

The Health Mate far infrared sauna also meets and is certified by the following associations:

• CSA(Canadian Standard Association)
• CSA USA(Canadian Standard Association, USA)
• CE (ConformitĂ© EuropĂ©enne)
• NEMKO (Norges Elektriske Materiellkontroll)

In addition to the above certification, which serves as a mark of safety standards and assurance, Health Mate far infrared sauna also is insured up to $2,000,000 with a product liability insurance. This is perhaps one of the only one sauna manufacturer that offers a Product Liability Insurance.

All Health Mate far infrared sauna rooms are assembled using the highest grade Canadian Western Red Cedar wood for both its interior and exterior. The entire lumber process are controlled directly by Health Mate in their own lumber mill.

Health Mate utilises patented state of the art M-type far infrared heaters for their sauna rooms. This type of far infrared heaters are proven to be more effective and durable compared to other types of far infrared heaters. The far infrared heater has large reflecting panels to distribute far infrared heat to the entire room.

Other features of the Health Mate far infrared sauna rooms include state-of-the-art digital control panel that is accessible from both inside and outside of the sauna room. The panels also has the function to preheat the sauna room at desired time.

All personal far infrared sauna rooms are also equipped with personal standard deluxe stereo sound system. The stereo sound system comes with CD player, AM/FM tuner and stereo speakers that is specifically designed to be used in sauna rooms.

There are also other optional accessories that you may include into your Health Mate personal sauna rooms. These include fibre optic “starlight” ceiling pattern that changes between 4 different colours. The effect of these “starlight” is extremely therapeutic and you must try it to appreciate it.

You may also include a crystal clear LCD television monitor with TV tuner that allows you to watch your favourite program while using the Health Mate far infrared sauna. The monitor comes with the RCA inputs to connect to your own DVD or VCR player.

If you intend to locate your Health Mate personal sauna outdoor, you may also want to consider purchasing the durable outdoor cover for your sauna. The cover comes with wooden roof on top to prevent water accumulation and protect your personal sauna from wind, snow and rain.

The Health Mate personal far infrared sauna is easy to assemble and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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